SJCAM SJ5000+ with 64gb Memory Card – Here’s How!

2015-08-01T10:41:32+01:001,August 1st, 2015|

A lot of people have been saying they were unable to get a 64mb micro sd / sdhc / sdxc card to work in the SJ5000+ sports action camera. Indeed the manufacturer website even states that max supported memory is 32gb. There is however a workaround which will have you up and running with a 64gb card in less than 5 mins. First off, update your firmware! The latest version is v2.6 and can be obtained here: Be sure to download the correct version for your camera and follow the installation instructions carefully. After successfully completing the firmware update and ensuring the camera is functioning correctly, take your new 64gb card, connect it to your PC using a card reader. Next point your browser to Ridgecrop Consultants and download their GUIformat utility. Open the file, be sure to select the correct drive letter for your memory card. Leave the allocation unit size as the default 32,768 and check 'quick format' if not already checked. Click start and within a few seconds your card will be ready. (Be aware that this action will wipe all files currently on the card) When it has finished formatting you can return the card to the camera and it will register as 64gb and you'll be ready to start shooting.  

Best Sports Action Camera for under £100. Has the GoPro met it’s match?

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If you want to capture your moves in stunning HD to share with the world, there are no shortage of small, lightweight, impact resistant video cameras claiming offer every feature you might need. The king of the sports action camera has to be the GoPro. This was the first brand to really capture the market and offer a device which was not only very sturdy but also with image quality and frame rates to rival more serious camera equipment. Great though they are, the go-pro comes at a price and while there are basic versions available, a half decent Hero 3+ Black or Hero 4 will set you back at least £250. Take a quick look on ebay and you'll be presented with hundreds of cheap go pro alternatives, some for as little as a tenner. However once you look past the appealing headlines, the technical spec tends to be a little less desirable and one would be advised to steer well clear. One manufacturer which stands out from the crowd is SJCAM. They have created a range of cameras which bear a remarkable similarity to the Go-Pro, but without the hefty price tag. Their flagship product is the SJ5000+ which is based on the same Digital Signal Processor (DSP) made by Ambrella as is used in the go pro. This makes it directly comparable to the Hero 4 silver and offers all the same features minus the touch screen and 4k recording. For many this wont be an issue as the touch screen is inaccessible through the waterproof case and 4K screens are still owned by a minority. The SJ5000+ can record a maximum of 60fps @ 1080p  or 120fps at 720p which is [...]

“The Parkour and Freerunning Handbook” Review

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When I first started parkour there was no one to really tell me "the proper way" to perform each move. All I had was YouTube and my friends. Anyway a few months into training I came across "The Parkour and Freerunning handbook" by Dan Edwards. It helped me build up my knowledge and understanding of parkour. This book was published by Virgin in mid 2009 and retails for £9.99. It comes in two different covers even though the information is still the same. It's made out of a tough heavy weight paper that feels strong with a harder but flexible cover. It is no bigger than a water bottle tall and can be folded up to fit in your bag.   Written by Dan Edwards (one of the earliest English practitioners) it's sure has some good knowledge and can teach a lot to a beginner. Practitioners of parkour tend to be visual learners so this book has just as many images as words. It takes the r eader step by step through each move and notes the key points to remember when performing the movement explained. It contains over 20 different tutorials. This book does not only show you movements it also helps create a mindset in your head for respective and efficient training. It encourages you to respect you environments as well as the people around you and even yourself. Here's a quote from the book " Everything you do has an impact on your personal, mental and physical development as you progress through life: how and what you eat, how you train, how you think, how you rest, how you work and so on. All of these areas can either positively or negatively [...]

Parkour shoes: Puma Faas 300 review

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When coaching parkour/freerunning the question I hear most is "are my shoes good for parkour/freerunning? Most people worry about the grip of the shoes. Although it is easier when your shoes have brilliant grip, it is not always the best. I have trained in many different shoes, some have good grip some have terrible grip, but it really doesn't matter. A long as you keep your core muscles tight, you can cat leap to any wall. Yes even walls covered in moss!  Bearing all that in mind, today Streetmotion has done a review of the Puma Faas 300's for all you people who want to know what shoe is best. In parkour no shoe is quite simply "the best". It depends upon personal preference and what makes you comfortable. Now the Puma Faas 300's come very close to perfect. They are so flexible I can roll them up and twist them any way I please. This is a great advantage as rail precisions are especially difficult when the sole of your shoe is inflexible. Weighing just under 7 ounces they are extremely light. This is a result of the mesh used for a lot of the shoe. The drawback of this is that they are not waterproof, so these shoes are not best for training in the rain.  Rain training : 6 (despite not being waterproof they are not too bad in wet conditions) Looks : 9 (many colors are available) Grip : 9 (once worn in) Durability : 7 (mine lasted 11 months, for a parkour shoes this is good) Weight : 10 (they are extremely light) Comfortability : 7 Price: 6 (a retail price of £69.99 is a lot. Although you can find [...]