October Half Term

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We will be closed for half term from Sunday 22nd October to Friday 27th October. Our Saturday daytime timetable will be running as usual on Saturday 28th. Bookings for our Halloween event on the evening of the 28th Oct must be done online here: www.streetmotion.co.uk/halloween/

New Website

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Hey there! Glad you have found us. We are currently doing a major update to bring you a new and improved website. If things are inaccessible or don't look quite right today, please bare with us until the update is complete. We can be contacted on 01392 953046 or info@streetmotion.co.uk

iBounce Trampoline Park opens in Exeter

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iBounce is the name the South West has come to associate with Trampoline Parks, opening the first in Devon in Newton abbot in early 2016 followed closely by a second in Cornwall towards the latter part of the year. It was only a matter of time before Devon's regional capital, Exeter would host a trampoline park and in March 2017 iBounce is going to open a trampoline park in Exeter under the same roof as Street Motion Freerunning Academy inside the Exeter Sports Academy in Marsh Barton. iBounce Trampoline Park will join a host of established Exeter based sports and leisure providers such as indoor climbing, bouldering and 'clip n climb' at Quay climbing centre, Exeter Academy of Parkour & Freerunning, and the South West Athletics Academy. The build of the new trampoline park in Marsh Barton is expected to be completed towards the end of March with the VIP Launch scheduled for Friday 31st March.  More information on tickets and bookings can be found on the iBounce Facebook Page. A plan view of the new Exeter trampoline park:  

Street Motion Christmas Extravaganza – Tickets now on sale.

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Saturday 17th Dec 2016 is the date for your diaries. The Street Motion Event of the year is back bringing December to a close with style! The main event runs from 12pm to 4pm for ages 9 years upward, however we are also running a shorter event with the same format from 9.30am - 11.30am for ages 6 to 8yrs. Essentially you get 2 or 4 hours (age dependant) of full access to all the equipment at the Street Motion Academy including the UK's Largest Air Pad. We won't be telling you what to do, you are free to work on any skills you chose with help on hand if you need it. In addition a buffet of hot and cold food will be included as well as extras such as live DJ's and special games, challenges and competitions. Tickets are limited to 50 spaces for the 4hr and 30 spaces for the 2hr.  More information can be found at http://www.streetmotion.co.uk/christmas/and tickets can be purchased on-line here: https://www.streetmotion.co.uk/shop/19-events

Street Motion Halloween Gathering 2016

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Street Motion Halloween Gathering 2016 With just a few days to go before the Street Motion Halloween Gathering ,we are down to our last 27 tickets so be sure to reserve yourself a place before they're all gone! This year is our first Halloween sleepover, that is an opportunity to train over night and then sleep at the Street Motion academy once you are too tired to do any more jumps or flips! For ages 9+ there is an evening ticket costing £25 which gets you access to everything between 8pm and 11pm. Participants aged 10+ are eligible for the full event with tickets for the over night stay priced at £35. This includes food/snacks and all the usual things you'd expect from a Street Motion Gathering. Resident DJ & Producer Luke Stottor will be laying down some heavy basslines through our recently installed 4Kw pro grade sound system. In addition to all our regular equipment we will be inflating the famous Street Motion Air Pad, the largest of it's kind in the UK as well as our Time-Delay projected video wall and a few Halloween extras too! Tickets must be purchased in advance from the Street Motion Web Shop: https://www.streetmotion.co.uk/shop/home/46-street-motion-halloween-gathering.html

Strength conditioning for competence and efficiency in Parkour

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Often neglected in particular by younger practitioners, strength training in parkour is a tool which can unlock untapped potential not just for bigger jumps, faster climb-ups and higher flips, but also for all-round competence and speed. ‘Be strong to be useful’ was a term coined by Georges Herbert in the 1950s regarding efficiency on the battlefield during warfare, and though now considered more recreation than a necessity for survival, it has had a massive imprint on parkour – in the ethics followed by generations of practitioners and even in higher-end establishments in the scene such as etre forte. So why is training your body outside of usual practice often considered unnecessary by a large portion of the parkour scene, despite its endless benefits? Karol clearing a jump in Plymouth Though most would say training specific to parkour movements is all your body requires, it just isn’t plausible to reach the body’s full potential in terms of covering every significant muscle and giving growth for strength. As training methods in parkour are seemingly never completed using a methodical sets/reps system as workouts and gym structures follow, it is no guarantee that muscles will be used and strained enough for the significant strength gains required to increase size in jumps/climbs and therefore gains in competence. For example, if a practitioner trains jumps (precisions, plyometrics, cat grabs, flips) more often than climbs / climb-ups / dynamic plyometrics and vaults, there is going to be a less significant increase in the efficiency of the upper body movements than lower body ones. This is where, for a well-rounded practitioner, it may be a necessity to use a more structured routine in order to increase strength and maintain technique [...]

SJCAM SJ5000+ with 64gb Memory Card – Here’s How!

2015-08-01T10:41:32+01:001,August 1st, 2015|

A lot of people have been saying they were unable to get a 64mb micro sd / sdhc / sdxc card to work in the SJ5000+ sports action camera. Indeed the manufacturer website even states that max supported memory is 32gb. There is however a workaround which will have you up and running with a 64gb card in less than 5 mins. First off, update your firmware! The latest version is v2.6 and can be obtained here: http://www.sjcamhd.com/news/sj5000plus-v2-4-version-firmware-download/. Be sure to download the correct version for your camera and follow the installation instructions carefully. After successfully completing the firmware update and ensuring the camera is functioning correctly, take your new 64gb card, connect it to your PC using a card reader. Next point your browser to Ridgecrop Consultants and download their GUIformat utility. Open the file, be sure to select the correct drive letter for your memory card. Leave the allocation unit size as the default 32,768 and check 'quick format' if not already checked. Click start and within a few seconds your card will be ready. (Be aware that this action will wipe all files currently on the card) When it has finished formatting you can return the card to the camera and it will register as 64gb and you'll be ready to start shooting.  

Best Sports Action Camera for under £100. Has the GoPro met it’s match?

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If you want to capture your moves in stunning HD to share with the world, there are no shortage of small, lightweight, impact resistant video cameras claiming offer every feature you might need. The king of the sports action camera has to be the GoPro. This was the first brand to really capture the market and offer a device which was not only very sturdy but also with image quality and frame rates to rival more serious camera equipment. Great though they are, the go-pro comes at a price and while there are basic versions available, a half decent Hero 3+ Black or Hero 4 will set you back at least £250. Take a quick look on ebay and you'll be presented with hundreds of cheap go pro alternatives, some for as little as a tenner. However once you look past the appealing headlines, the technical spec tends to be a little less desirable and one would be advised to steer well clear. One manufacturer which stands out from the crowd is SJCAM. They have created a range of cameras which bear a remarkable similarity to the Go-Pro, but without the hefty price tag. Their flagship product is the SJ5000+ which is based on the same Digital Signal Processor (DSP) made by Ambrella as is used in the go pro. This makes it directly comparable to the Hero 4 silver and offers all the same features minus the touch screen and 4k recording. For many this wont be an issue as the touch screen is inaccessible through the waterproof case and 4K screens are still owned by a minority. The SJ5000+ can record a maximum of 60fps @ 1080p  or 120fps at 720p which is [...]

Dodge the Sofa

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Last Thursday we were visited by Sam of sofadodger.co.uk. She visited our flagship Street Motion Academy of Parkour & Freerunning in Exeter as part of her mission to try 100 sports/fitness classes in the space of 12 months. Despite arriving with a lower back sprain and a fear of heights she gave it 110% and can now tick another sport off the list. "When I declared to my family at tea time, that I was going to Exeter to try parkour, my children sniggered.  The fact that Olly at seven then preceded to beg me if he could come as well, made me worry that this might be more his thing than mine.  Parkour or freerunning, is essentially a way of getting from A to B by running, jumping and if you like, adding some tricks.  You can see it in music videos, where cool, fit looking people run across buildings, jumping over stairwells and anything else, which gets in their path.  To watch it is pretty awesome, so although I was eager to see it in real life, I was pretty daunted at the prospect of trying it myself." Read Sam's full story here. http://www.sofadodger.co.uk/blog/parkour-number-82-of-my-100-different-sports-fitness-classes-in-a-year