Street Motion Christmas Extravaganza – Tickets now on sale.

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Saturday 17th Dec 2016 is the date for your diaries. The Street Motion Event of the year is back bringing December to a close with style! The main event runs from 12pm to 4pm for ages 9 years upward, however we are also running a shorter event with the same format from 9.30am - 11.30am for ages 6 to 8yrs. Essentially you get 2 or 4 hours (age dependant) of full access to all the equipment at the Street Motion Academy including the UK's Largest Air Pad. We won't be telling you what to do, you are free to work on any skills you chose with help on hand if you need it. In addition a buffet of hot and cold food will be included as well as extras such as live DJ's and special games, challenges and competitions. Tickets are limited to 50 spaces for the 4hr and 30 spaces for the 2hr.  More information can be found at tickets can be purchased on-line here:

Street Motion Halloween Gathering 2016

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Street Motion Halloween Gathering 2016 With just a few days to go before the Street Motion Halloween Gathering ,we are down to our last 27 tickets so be sure to reserve yourself a place before they're all gone! This year is our first Halloween sleepover, that is an opportunity to train over night and then sleep at the Street Motion academy once you are too tired to do any more jumps or flips! For ages 9+ there is an evening ticket costing £25 which gets you access to everything between 8pm and 11pm. Participants aged 10+ are eligible for the full event with tickets for the over night stay priced at £35. This includes food/snacks and all the usual things you'd expect from a Street Motion Gathering. Resident DJ & Producer Luke Stottor will be laying down some heavy basslines through our recently installed 4Kw pro grade sound system. In addition to all our regular equipment we will be inflating the famous Street Motion Air Pad, the largest of it's kind in the UK as well as our Time-Delay projected video wall and a few Halloween extras too! Tickets must be purchased in advance from the Street Motion Web Shop:

Strength conditioning for competence and efficiency in Parkour

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Often neglected in particular by younger practitioners, strength training in parkour is a tool which can unlock untapped potential not just for bigger jumps, faster climb-ups and higher flips, but also for all-round competence and speed. ‘Be strong to be useful’ was a term coined by Georges Herbert in the 1950s regarding efficiency on the battlefield during warfare, and though now considered more recreation than a necessity for survival, it has had a massive imprint on parkour – in the ethics followed by generations of practitioners and even in higher-end establishments in the scene such as etre forte. So why is training your body outside of usual practice often considered unnecessary by a large portion of the parkour scene, despite its endless benefits? Karol clearing a jump in Plymouth Though most would say training specific to parkour movements is all your body requires, it just isn’t plausible to reach the body’s full potential in terms of covering every significant muscle and giving growth for strength. As training methods in parkour are seemingly never completed using a methodical sets/reps system as workouts and gym structures follow, it is no guarantee that muscles will be used and strained enough for the significant strength gains required to increase size in jumps/climbs and therefore gains in competence. For example, if a practitioner trains jumps (precisions, plyometrics, cat grabs, flips) more often than climbs / climb-ups / dynamic plyometrics and vaults, there is going to be a less significant increase in the efficiency of the upper body movements than lower body ones. This is where, for a well-rounded practitioner, it may be a necessity to use a more structured routine in order to increase strength and maintain technique [...]