Exeter Gymnastics Waiting List – Queue Jump!

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If you are based in Exeter and considering gymnastics classes for your child, you might be frustrated by the long waiting lists which are common throughout the region of Devon. With the waiting list for some gymnastics clubs ranging from months to even years, you might be interested to learn there are some amazing alternative gym clubs in Exeter which tick all the right boxes. Is Parkour a viable alternative to Gymnastics? Step back from the media sensationalism which brought Parkour & Freerunning to the mainstream and you'll find a sport which shares a surprising amount of common ground with gymnastics, whilst remaining reassuringly unique. Forget high-rise buildings and dare devil antics, the reality of Parkour away from the big screen is a ground level discipline closer to a martial art than an extreme sport. Something which takes years of careful practice and dedication to master. The art of Parkour is not how far or how high one can jump, but knowing how far one can jump. It's about having the confidence, belief, strength and accuracy to be able to repeat a skill over and over again with faultless precision. Gymnastics vs Parkour? Gymnastics and Parkour are both practices of movement and each compliment one another rather well. At a foundation level there is a considerable overlap between the two and Parkour is a great foundation for building strength, balance, agility and coordination which will give your child a massive head start if they are looking to compete in gymnastics when a space on a waiting list becomes available. What separates Gymnastics from Parkour is less about technique than it is about purpose. The purpose of gymnastics is to learn a specific set of skills [...]

How to become a Street Motion Ambassador

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How to become a Street Motion Ambassador What is a Street Motion Ambassador? Street Motion Ambassadors are volunteer assistant coaches who help out during the classes offering additional supervision and advice. Ambassadors also help with the preparation and set up before classes as well as packing things away afterwards. Ambassadors have the opportunity to develop their skills over time and progress to Assistant Coach and Coach. Think you've got what it takes? When considering applicants for the ambassador programme, we are looking for people the following characteristics: Enthusiasm - Are you genuinely passionate about Parkour & Freerunning? Is it a way of life or just another one of many hobbies? Positive attitude towards training - Do you put in 110% effort even with the things you find difficult or are you the one looking for short cuts and making excuses? Behaviour - Do you see yourself as a positive role model? Is your behaviour and conduct worthy of imitation? Skill - Are you confident in your abilities? Have you practised enough of the basics such as vaults and rolls to be able to help others with theirs? Fast Learner - Are you able to listen, take on new ideas and respond constructively to feedback? In addition you will need to have been training with us for a minimum of 6 to 12 months and be at least 14 years of age. What you will gain from the Street Motion Ambassador Programme Leadership Skills Communication Skills Additional training opportunities Access to external events, demonstrations and workshops. Opportunity to progress to Assistant Coach and Coach Also Ambassador T-Shirt Up to 50% off Street Motion Clothing Discounted access to classes and events. To find out more, speak to [...]

Street Motion Ninja Skills Holiday Workshops

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Street Motion Ninja Skills Holiday Workshops (Parkour/Freerunning) 21st - 24th August // 10.00am - 12.00pm // 8-13yrs These are 2 hour long structured sessions which will focus on a particular skill or small set of skills. If you are looking for new challenges or want to learn new tricks, we have a workshop for you! *MEMBERS DISCOUNT AVAILABLE* (£35) Places limited to just 12 per workshop. Click here to book

Street Motion 4 Hour Summer Holiday Workshops

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Street Motion 4 Hour Summer Holiday Workshops (Parkour/Freerunning) 14th - 17th August // 9.30am - 1.30pm // 8-14yrs These are 4 hour long structured sessions with our coaches consisting of fun, games, challenges and plenty of tuition as well as time for supervised free play on our obstacles. **MEMBERS DISCOUNT AVAILABLE** (£35) Places limited to just 12 per workshop. Click here to book

2017 Christmas Extravaganza

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The Street Motion Christmas Extravaganza is back... Don't miss the Street Motion event of the year! Book before Thursday 7th Dec to take advantage of our Limited Edition T-Shirt Offer. BOOK TICKETS HERE Date: Sunday 17th December Location: Street Motion Freerunning Academy, [Inside Exeter Sports Academy], 33 Marsh Green Road West, Marsh Barton, Exeter EX2 8PN 11am - 3pm (7-10yrs) or 4pm - 9pm (All ages 10+) Not recommended for beginners.* 4 Hours of unstructured training. After a short warm-up at the start you'll be free to spend the rest of the session doing whatever you like. Work on any tricks you choose with help on hand if you need it. Food & Snacks provided; Bring your own bottled water. Limited Edition t-shirt included. Refer to our other ticket listings if you are looking for a ticket without the limited edition tee.  

October Half Term

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We will be closed for half term from Sunday 22nd October to Friday 27th October. Our Saturday daytime timetable will be running as usual on Saturday 28th. Bookings for our Halloween event on the evening of the 28th Oct must be done online here: www.streetmotion.co.uk/halloween/

Halloween Sleepover 2017

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Our annual Halloween sleepover is back for 2017. Come in your best Halloween themed fancy dress. Doors open 8pm. Event kicks off at 8.30pm and you will be able to train into the early hours of the morning and then sleep at the academy when you run out of energy. - Don't forget to bring your sleeping bag! As usual there will be various games, challenges and activities as well as the latest and greatest tunes played though our bespoke 4kw sound system. Pizza and breakfast will be provided but please bring your own water bottles which you can refill in the gym. The event is aimed at ages 10yrs+ but if you are a regular and not quite old enough please speak to us as we will be able to make exceptions for people who we consider to have enough experience. At the time of writing we have just over 20 tickets left. Tickets must be purchased online in advance, click here to order!

Street Motion Easter Gathering 2017

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Street Motion Easter Gathering 2017 Date on the handout before the holiday was a misprint. New date will be Sunday 7th May. The Easter Gathering is back for the 3rd year and this time in addition to all the usual awesomeness you will have unlimited access to our new sprung floor for the duration of the event. Because we will not be able to use the additional hall space this year that is now occupied by iBounce, we will have to drastically reduce the number of tickets for this event to prevent it feeling overcrowded. To enable as many of you to attend as possible whilst still limiting numbers we are going to essentially run two Easter Gatherings back to back on the same day with a maximum of 25 participants in each. The early session will run from 11am to 3pm and the later session from 4pm to 8pm. Tickets are only valid for the time slot they have been booked for so be sure to book early if you want to get tickets to the same time as your friends have booked! Tickets only available on-line via our web shop here: https://www.streetmotion.co.uk/shop/19-events

Street Motion Saturdays have begun

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Saturday Parkour & Freerunning Sessions Exeter It's an incredibly exciting time to be part of Street Motion right now; iBounce trampoline park have begun building next door to us (we cant wait for it to open!) and we've got a new slightly larger space because of this at the other end of the ESA sports hall. The days are getting longer and the evenings are getting lighter, spring is undeniably on it's way! However, there's no time to sit back and relax as we've been very busy preparing for the launch of our Saturday sessions. Our Saturday Parkour/Freerunning session timetable is distinct and separate to our weekday evening timetable and offers a number of new classes in Exeter which are available on a casual drop in basis and are not part of our membership plans. Freerunning 4-5 years | 12.45pm – 1.30pm | £8 Freerunning 6-9 years | 1.30pm – 2.30pm | £10 members // £12 Non-Members Family Class (Kids & Parents) 7+yrs | 2.30pm – 3.30pm | £5 per person (min. 2) - Members // £6 per person (min. 2) - non members Wildcard Session (Intermediate/Advanced) 12-24yrs | 4pm – 5pm | £8 members // £10 Non-Members Early Open Session (Unstructured/Advanced) Ages 9+ | 5pm – 6.30pm | £8 members // £10 Non-Members 3 Hour Open Session (Unstructured/Advanced) Ages 9+ | 5pm – 8.00pm | £14 members // £15 Non-Members Late Open Session (Unstructured/Advanced) Ages 9+ | 6.30pm – 8.00pm | £8 members // £10 Non-Members As you can see, there are some brand new classes which are all part of our ambition to make Parkour and Freerunning more inclusive. During the new Family Classes, parents are invited to train along with their kids [...]