Pre-Pay Pricing

Buy a block of 10 sessions which can be redeemed at any valid Street Motion class

Pay once and redeem any time over the next 5 months. A Pre-Pay ‘membership’ comes with many of the advantages of a fully loaded pay-monthly membership but is better suited to those who cannot attend every week on a consistent basis. Purchase on-line with a credit/debit card using the links below or you can pay at a class with cash or cheque.

Pre-Pay Benefits

  • Personalised Pre-Pay Card
  • Street Motion T-Shirt
  • Free Welcome Pack
  • Sign in to classes without having to carry cash
  • Pay once then renew as required
  • No ongoing monthly commitment.

Pre-Pay Details

Pre-Pay ‘Memberships’ are a great alternative to paying per session as a non member. As well as offering better value for money, purchased sessions are stored on your pre-pay card and deducted each time you attend which eliminates the need to carry cash.

In addition you only pay for the sessions you sign in to making Pre-Pay the logical choice if you cannot attend frequently enough to make the most of a Bronze Membership.

Pre-Pay Bronze


  • Total Classes: 10
  • Class Duration: 1hr
  • Validity: Weekday Evenings
  • Joining Fee: £15
  • Expires: 5 Months from purchase

Pre-Pay Silver


  • Total Classes: 10
  • Class Duration: 1.5hrs
  • Validity: Weekday Evenings
  • Joining Fee: £15
  • Expires: 5 Months from purchase

After purchasing a pre-pay package, please email us a photo to go on your customer card which you will receive along with your t-shirt and welcome pack. This will be given to you at the class you normally attend, typically within two weeks of ordering.

Your pre-pay package will be active immediately after purchase though it can take up to 36 hours to update across our systems. If you wish to attend sooner than this please bring a copy of your email confirmation.